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Photo: Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

Walk in the cultural
footsteps of Lolland-Falster

Enjoy visiting the many manor houses, castles, churches and ancient monuments. Experience modern art such as the giant stone sculptures of the Dodekalitten, visit Lolland-Falster's wonderful galleries and working workshops. Seek out local history at fire museums, mills and flood memorials – and go back in time with Lola the Stone Age girl.

© Thomas Kadziola
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg


Dodekalitten gets its name from the Greek term for 12 stones placed in a circle. The idea to create Dodekalitten on Lolland came from composer Gunner Møller Pedersen and sculptor Thomas Kadziola.

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum skulptur
Photo: Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

Fuglsang Art Museum

One of Denmark's oldest art museums with a unique collection of the most important artists and movements in Danish art history.

Galleri Heike Arndt DK maleri
Photo: Gallerie Heike Arndt DK


Explore the many galleries on the South Sea Islands and see inspiring works from both Danish and international artists.

Frie Vilje af Thomas Dambo
© Thomas Dambo
Photo: Patrick Kirkby

Frie Vilje

Come and meet the 5-metre tall troll Frie Vilje in Bangshaveskoven in Maribo. Artist Thomas Dambo and his team built the remarkable troll entirely from recycled materials, and his creative design and build is guaranteed to impress you.

Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup
Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

Reventlow Museum

Experience what life was like in a manor house in 1800. The beautifully furnished living rooms on the ground floor of the main building give you a closer look at Reventlow, his political activities and, not least, his private life, told through portraits, artefacts and furniture from the family and the period.

Richard Winthers Hus
Photo: Lars Pryds

Richard Winther's House

The house in Vindeby was home to Richard Winther from 1993 to 2007. The house served as a studio, workshop, collection of works and living space. In 1995, Richard Winther decorated the 72+-m2 space with more than 56 wall and ceiling paintings.

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History and entertainment

Maribo Domkirke
Photo: @felecool

Maribo Cathedral

Visit the large and impressive Maribo Cathedral, see the crypt where Leonora Christina used to be buried and explore the old abbey ruins.

Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

Visit local, passionate artisans and explore their handmade creations. You'll find everything from ceramics and glass to willow weaving.

Corselitze Have
Photo: Corselitze

Gardens and parks

Take a walk in the romantic garden at Fuglsang Herregaard and experience the manor landscape from its most beautiful side. Explore the beautiful garden of the Corselitze Estate with its multiple different sections, impressive array of flowers and a unique rose garden.

Photo: Museumsbanen Maribo-Bandholm


Discover art, cultural history, natural history and open-air museums.

kærstrup Gods
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

Castles and manor houses

Take a manor tour and discover our many well-preserved manor houses. Some of them can only be seen from the outside, but are still worth the trip just for the beautiful surrounding scenery – and several also have public access to the castle park. Follow our guide to Lolland-Falster's manor houses.

Nørregade Teater
Photo: Nørregade Teater

Theatres and cinemas

Enjoy a night at the theatre in Nykøbing, or head into the cool darkness of Nysted cinema.

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