If you catch the ferry from Bandholm, you will find yourself arriving in the small idyllic harbour of the island Askø some 25 minutes later.

As soon as you are on the island, you may immerse yourself in the incredible tranquility found there and enjoy complete relaxation away from the hassle of everyday life.

On Askø you may indeed become one with nature. For one thing, you may become completely absorbed with the diverse bird life of the island. Also, with some luck you may catch sight of a seal.

If you love to go fishing, you have come to the right place. The islands Askø and Lilleø both have good conditions for sea trout and typically there are many garfish from May to June.

Another excellent way to engage with nature is to go hiking or biking on the islands – they are perfect for it.

Askø and Lilleø are joined by a 700 metres long dam.


Fruit farming and general farming

Askø & Lilleø are particularly beautiful in spring when the fruit trees are in full bloom. The well-known Danish cook and entrepreneur Claus Meyer is the initiator behind an annual event to celebrate precisely this: The Apple Flower Festival.

Around the islands you will find plenty of booths with the produce of the season, such as apples, plums, and honey, as well as small galleries bathed in the very special light characterizing the area of the Smålandsfarvand. 

Askø and Lilleø are characterized by agriculture and fruit farming. The most well-known fruit farmer is Claus Meyer, who put Lilleø on the map, as this is where he produces both distilled spirits, apple juice, and beer. You can buy Meyer’s products at Meyers Køkkens webshop.

Another product of Lilleø is Lilleø Wine, which is the result of a co-operation between sommelier Anders Selmer, fruit farmer Hans Lund Hansen, Restaurant Noma’s Chef René Redzepi, and the cook Claus Meyer, who in 2003 purchased the farm Vigmosegaard on Lilleø.

The inhabitants of Askø and Lilleø have put together a website which you will find here.

Apple Flower Festival Askø-Lilleø børn på traktor

Photo:Apple Flower Festival

Apple Flower Festival

If you are going to the Apple Flower Festival, someone will be waiting for you when the ferry arrives at Askø and our bus enthusiast, Lars Coldberg, will make sure to transport everyone across the dam to the festival site on Lilleø. Here you will be welcomed with a picnic. The bar then opens and it offers free beer, soft drinks and apple juice all through the festival for children and adults. For those who so desire there are also a variety of alcoholic drinks, freshly brewed coffee and delicious cakes to be purchased at more or less all hours of the day.

During the festival there are always many different extra events, and if you would like to, you can get a trip around the island.

It is no secret that the Apple Flower Festival is very much about food. Therefore all meals and the free bar are included in the ticket. Some of the best food producers cater at the festival in order to give you an exceptionally good tasting experience on Lilleø.

Read more about the festival here.

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