Gedser – the southernmost point of Denmark

It is impossible not to be in awe of nature’s power when standing at Gedser Odde, feeling the strong winds and watching the impressive Østersø waves beat against the coast and eat from the clay cliffs. Denmark’s southernmost point is a special experience and one of the hidden gems of Lolland-Falster.

The southern tip of Denmark

Photo: Claire Droppert

Gedser Historic Engine Shed

Photo: Gedser Remise

The Black Geomuseum

Photo: Det Sorte Geomuseum

The lighthouse

Photo: U. Walli

The café Toldcaféen

Photo: Toldcaféen

Gedser Smokehouse

Photo: Gedser Røgeri

The naval station

Photo: Guldborgsund Hallerne

The water tower

Photo: Gedser Vandtårn

Gedesby Mill

Photo: John Holm

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