Bike route: 'Sundruten'

You can start the tour anywhere you like but the route described here starts at Slotsbryggen in Nykøbing Falster. The total route measures: 43,8 km.

The tour starts from a delightful spot at Strandboulevarden with Guldborgsund to your left. When the Strandboulevard finishes, the route takes you through The Indian Trail - a tunnel of trees where the tops of the trees seem to become encircled. Ny Kirstineberg Gods (1) offers B&B in the best manorial style with well-appointed rooms on a personal scale. It is open for overnight guests - the other estates on the tour cannot be visited. 

The gravel road to Pandebjerg Gods requires you to slow down a little. On the other hand, you have time to enjoy the majestic countryside which opens up with extensive fields, quickset hedgerows and the strait, which glints in the sunlight. Pandebjerg Gods (2), Klodskovgård (3) and Vennerslund Gods (4) constitute, together with Gl. Kirstineberg Gods, Guldborgsund Frugt, which is known for its cider production. The sun-ripened apples are grown in the cider orchards on the four estates and in the late summer and autumn are taken to the storage area in Sakskøbing from where they are distributed throughout the country. www.guldaeb...

From the tunnel to Vennerslund Gods the private road is asphalted – perfect for cyclists. Please also take note of Guldborg Bridge with the two arches, which was built in 1934.

”Postholderens sted”  is a family-run B&B offering accommodation, a shop and a place to eat. When the flag is flying on the road, it is open - or give Birte a call! In Guldborg you'll also find Dagli'Brugsen, a campsite and various shops along the road.

The road from Guldborg and to the bird reserve in Majbølle Nor is a windswept stretch so clench your teeth and take the plunge! An overgrown country road after the bird reserve can make the route difficult to navigate
– so if you have trailers with you, it is recommended you take the country road to Majbølle instead. In Majbølle the sights to see include Majbølle Church and Majbølle Mill.

From the bird reserve in Majbølle Nor (6) there is a unique view over Guldborgsund and Hjelm Island.

On the stretch before Hamborgskoven, cycle along Guldborgvej. This is the largest and busiest country road on the tour and there are many places where surface is uneven. At Toreby Vestergade turn towards Hamborgskoven (7). Follow the asphalt road, and remember to turn to the left at the asphalted crossroads next to the gigantic thuja conifers. The road takes you to the Medieval Centre (8), the area's most popular tourist attraction. From here follow The Sund Route back to the town of Nykøbing Falster, where there is a wide range of shops, places to eat and places to stay.

In addition to the good cycling you can choose to stop in the bird reserve in Majbølle Nor and the Medieval Centre with the new Medieval Technology Park.


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