Biking Trip: To the end of Scandinavia

Gedesby is a small village with a large holiday cottage area right next to a lovely beach for bathing. The route between Gedesby and Gedser follows small roads through a beautiful landscape with many views down to the beach and sea, making a visit to Denmark's southernmost point.

1. The route begins at Gedesby Mill, from where you cycle up into the old part of Gedesby, along Gammelgade and left onto Bøtøgårdsvej. Note the small, old, half-timbered houses in the area around the church.

2. Bøtøgårdsvej continues onto Sortevej, and from there you continue into the large holiday cottage area, which is bordered by Bøtø Forest on the north side. At the end of Sortevej you’ll come to a lovely bathing beach.

3. Continue along Fællesdigevej until Dillet Beach, where there is disabled access to the beach and a small kiosk.

4. Cycle right onto Kobbelsøvej and back through the holiday cottage area to Gedesby, then turn left onto Krogedeve. Follow this all the way until it continues straight on and turns into Birkemosevej. From here, cycle along the coast to the small village of Birkemose.

5. In Birkemose, you drive along “Poststien”, a narrow dirt road, across the fields to Gedser Fyrvej.

Visiting Gedser Odde is a must. You can visit the new information house at the old naval station, where you can learn all about Denmark's southernmost point. There is a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea, and you can often see migrating birds flying past.

6. Cycle back along Gedser Fyrvej and past the lighthouse, which is believed to be Denmark’s oldest and is only used for special occasions, before continuing around the Frisenfelt estate and along Søndre Boulevard to the town of Gedser, where you continue along the main street, Langgade.

Gedser is a typical ferry town, dominated by the large ferry terminal from which you can sail to Rostock. Other points of interest include the Water Tower and The Black Geomuseum.

7. At the end of Langgade, cross the main road and bear left towards the marina into Solvej and continue into Vesterled.

8. After a visit to the harbour and possibly a visit to the bathing beach south of the harbour, cycle back along Vestre Strand, cross over the main road and continue left around the fire station and right along a small path called “Skråvej” that leads out onto Strandvej.

Here, you can visit the medieval Svinehave Voldsted, a popular stopping point for the country's kings as they travelled south.

9. The tour ends by turning left onto Krogedevej and following Procesvej back to Gedesby.

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