Biking Trip: Round the three Sleeping Beauty castles

Oreby Castle and Berritsgård by Sakskøbing look like castles straight out of a fairytale with their slender, elegant towers and curved gables – Krenkerup Castle is Lolland's most beautiful. This is an exciting tour filled with imagination, as well as a rich sense of history.

1. From the beautiful square with Eichhoff’s statue “Roepigerne”, continue along Kirkestræde, past the church, right over the harbour bridge and left down Orebyvej along the fjord.

2. After 3 km, cycle left past the old Skipperkro down to Oreby Harbour. A little further on, the road heads up to Oreby Mill, where you can enjoy luxurious overnight accommodation overlooking the fjord towards Oreby Castle. The side wing previously had a mill on the roof – hence the name. Continue left along the asphalt road and left again towards the farm. The route then travels right down the field track and toward Stensore.

3. Follow the forest road round the point, before turning right towards Rodsnæs Farm.

4. From here, cycle past Orebygård and in Oreby turn left down Lågebrovej towards Tårs. The church and its rectory date back to 1663, making them one of the most noteworthy features of Tårs.

5. Continue right down Skovbyvej, which bends to left and turns into Tårsvej, heading towards Kalø. Turn right down Kaløvej.

6. Continue straight on for about 3 km and turn left by Kogangen, where the beautiful Berritsgård manor house is located.

7. Follow Kaløvej again towards Guldborgvej, which you will cross over before cycling down Langsvej to Radsted.

Drive straight through the town and you’ll discover Radsted Church, which was previously the manor house’s church at Krenkerup. As you will see, both buildings feature the same slender, elegant spires. The interior has also influence by the relationship with the manor house, but beware – it is said that hell lies 7 Danish miles beneath the church.

8. Once you have crossed Nykøbingvej, the landscape of the Krenkerup manor comes into sight with its avenues, workers’ cottages, gatehouse and lake views overlooking the beautiful, yellow main building, a 3-storey building with towers and turrets. Spend some time in Krenkerup Haveskov’s unrivalled parks, or at the café in Traktørstedet, where you can enjoy a beer brewed at Krenkerup brewery.

9. Continue along Krenkerup Allé and turn right onto Nystedvej. In Sakskøbing, a glorious reception awaits you in the form of Saxine, the smiling water tower, which always smiles – even when it’s raining.

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