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Bøtø Nor Gl. Pumpestation

Bøtø Nor Gl. Pumping Station ensured that southern Falster was not permanently flooded for more than 60 years. The old steam engine pulls an Archimedes screw that can pump 1500 litres per second at a lifting height of 2 metres - and it still works!

The impressive old pumping station, which was in operation until 1967, is still fully functional. The steam engine is regularly switched on during opening hours, read more on the website.

Bøtø Nor is home to the old Atlas steam engine from 1901, which was used to pump water away from the low reclaimed areas on southern Falster. Today, a more modern pump is in use, but without it, large parts of South Falster would regularly flood, even today.

In addition to the old steam engine, Bøtø Nor Gl. Pump Station houses a large exhibition that tells the story of South Falster's history from natural harbour to nature area, as well as a large collection of stuffed animals and birds.

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