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On southeastern Lolland is the family farm through eight generations, which specializes in organic chickens, ducks and eggs from open ground.

When was the last time you tasted a real chicken?
Dalbakkegaard specializes in raising large, meaty free-range chickens. The chicks live their whole lives in optimal conditions in heated stables and on large pastures. It provides healthy and unstressed animals with really good meat and a lot of taste.

Dalbakkegaard's chickens are slaughtered only when they are about 80-100 days old. For comparison, an ordinary industrial chicken lives only about 35 days. The long lifespan gives the chicks plenty of time to grow and develop naturally. It provides firm, low-fat meat with great taste – and in a chicken weighing 2.5 kg there is food for the whole family.

The chickens are hand-slaughtered at a small local slaughterhouse here on Lolland. At the butcher they are packed as whole, half or as packages with thighs, chest or wings – just for pot, grill or oven.

You can buy the chickens in the farm store and in selected stores.

Organic eggs, country ducks, honey and other good
All year round, fresh organic eggs can also be bought in the farm shop.

And at times, the shop also offers Dalbakkegaard's organic ducks, as well as its own production of honey as well as locally produced apple juice, potatoes and other fruit and vegetables.

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