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Errindlev Dairy

Visit a classic Danish co-operative dairy that was in operation for over 100 years, learn more about dairy farming at the Dairy Museum and buy a delicious cheese to take home from the cheese shop. You also have the opportunity to visit the Chair Museum with 1000+ chairs produced over 150 years.

The impressive building Errindslev Dairy consists of three parts: The story of the dairy, a chair museum and a major painting exhibition.

Errindslev Dairy was built as a cooperative dairy in 1887 and from the 1960s they specialised in cheeses. Really good cheeses, which is why some of the cheese warehouses have been preserved, along with the salt vats and wax vats used to coat the cheeses.

The dairy also contains a large painting exhibition and a collection of around 1400 chairs from a wide range of time periods. Both paintings and chairs are for sale.

One of the side buildings also houses a flea market with great opportunities to make an exciting second-hand purchase.

You can find Errindlev Dairy's opening hours on the website.

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