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Fejø Archives & Island Museum

At the museum, you can learn more about Fejø's history and traditions, both historically and through letters and stories from private individuals.

At Fejø Arkiv & Ømuseum you can gain insight into the history of Fejø and the people who have lived here.

Fejø Arkiv & Ømuseum serves as a local history archive with collected letters, photographs and saved official documents about the island of Fejø and its inhabitants. You can get help searching for information about specific people or events online, where both church records and many of the museum's artefacts are registered.

Fejø's traditions are also explained, such as how the deceased are taken to a funeral on the mainland or how Christmas is celebrated.

The island museum, which also includes a local history archive containing artefacts, pictures and papers from a bygone era on Fejø.

These include artefacts from the Stone Age, Viking Age and modern times. The museum is divided into the categories: agriculture/fruit growing, seafaring/fishing, trade/crafts and household/technology.

For visits and opening hours, see the website.

If you have specific enquiries, visits can be arranged outside opening hours, and Fejø Arkiv & Ømuseum can also help with research.

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