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Femø Habour

Femø harbour is on the west side of Femø, where there is plenty of peace and quiet.

Femø is a very undulating island and definitely worth a visit, with its lovely scenery and superb, child-friendly bathing beaches.

It is possible to get around the island with a free telebus, or rent bicycles and at your own pace experience the island's winding roads and paths that lead you through idyllic scenarios in the beautiful nature.

There is a shop open during the summer months down by the harbour, and at the end of July, the harbour pulsates with life for the Femø Jazz Festival.

From Femø, you can take the ferry to Kragenæs on Lolland, the excellent base for things to see and do.

Ferry: Femø – Kragenæs

There is 1 slipway.


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