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The Ferry "Ida" (Bogø-Stubbekøbing)

Take a short ferry ride on one of Denmark's most beautiful and oldest wooden ferries, Ida, which sails between cosy Stubbekøbing on Falster and beautiful Bogø every summer. Every year, thousands of bicycle tourists take the pleasant sailing trip as part of their cycling holiday. You can walk, cycle or bring your car on board, whatever suits you.

When the old wooden ferry IDA from 1959 starts its season in May, it's a sign that summer is on its way! Every season, the ferry carries thousands of pedestrians, cyclists, cars and motorbikes between Bogø and Stubbekøbing on Falster.

The trip only takes a few minutes, yet the ferry route is a kind of "motorway" for many of the happy guests on a cycling holiday in the area, as you're not allowed to cycle on the motorway over the Farø bridges. So if you're travelling from Falster to Bogø, Ida is the way to go.

It's not possible to book a ticket in advance, you just turn up at the harbour and buy your ticket from the machine on the quay. Ida's sailings end at the end of the summer in September. Check the timetable for the exact dates.

If you're quick - and lucky - you can secure a ticket for one of the popular evening sailings a couple of times a month. There's often music or food onboard, which you can enjoy as the sun sets over Grønsund.

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