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Gedser Naval Station

Denmark's southernmost point

It is impossible not to feel respect for the forces of nature when you stand on Gedser Odde and are blown through while the large Baltic Sea waves crash against the coast and eat away at the clay cliff.

There can be completely no wind on one side of the headland, while the wind is raging on the other.

The tip of the promontory marks the southernmost point of Denmark and Scandinavia, which also hides a common European history, as Gedser Odde was included as one of the defence's lookouts from 1947-89 during the Cold War.

Today, the crew building from the 1960s has been transformed into "Formidlingshuset Marinestationen". Here you will find information about the history of the place, the geology, nature and Nysted wind farm at Rødsand.

The area is rich in bird life, so here you can see the eiders looking for mussels in the shallow water. In the spring or autumn season, you can see thousands of migratory birds, as the headland is located on the birds' main migration route. Take a walk at the water's edge and see what washes in. Maybe you are lucky enough to find amber and fossils or spot a seal.

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