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Glentehøj (kite hill)

Glentehøj is a very well-preserved megalithic tomb built approx. 3200 B.C. The grave-mound itself is round, approx 5 m high and 30 m wide.

You enter the megalithic tomb from the south side through a 4 m long passage. This passage has 5 upright megalith support stones on each side and 4 cover stones whereas the tomb itself has 7 support stones on each side and 5 very big cover stones.

The lenght of the tomb is 9 m, and the width is 3 m at one end and 1,5 m at the other end.

Glentehøj belonged under the Halsted Convent, but in 1826 it was excavated by E.C. Kamla who was the private tutor to Count Reventlow.

Glentehøj was restored in 1925 and on January 1, 1983 the mound was handed over to the Storstrøm-county.

You enter the megalithic tomb by a footpath from the parking ground at Glentehøjvej, where you will find a notice-board with detailed information.

Bring along a torch or a candle.

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