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Højmølle Kro

Motel Højmølle Kro is an old-fashioned inn with a restaurant and large modern rooms in a separate annex. Close to the motorway and exit 43 at Eskilstrup on Falster, and centrally located with eacy to connection to Falster, Lolland and Møn.

Motel Højmølle Kro is a real old-fashioned inn, located on the country road north of Nykøbing Falster, where you can turn off the motorway and continue towards Gedser. In 1985, 22 rooms were added in a new building next to the original inn, where of course delicious dishes are served in the restaurant.

All rooms have private bathrooms and TVs, and a large and varied breakfast buffet is included in the rate. The location is popular due to the good parking facilities and the ability to welcome larger groups.

It is strongly recommended to book a room in advance during the summer.

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