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Højriisgaard Café Femø

In the cosy café at Højriisgaard, you're guaranteed a delightful breakfast or a satisfying lunch at lovely Femø.

Start your day with options ranging from vegan and vegetarian delights to a traditional Irish breakfast, all accompanied by freshly baked sourdough bread from their own micro bakery.

At lunchtime, Susie prepares a comforting vegetarian pasta dish and a daily soup. You can also savour creations like Croque Monsieur, crafted on Susies signature sourdough bread and served with homemade tomato sauce. Every dish is made to order.

Indulge in the assortment of freshly baked cakes, including the irresistible cheesecake, perfectly paired with freshly brewed coffee from Ubuntu in Sakskøbing, tea from A C Perchs in Copenhagen, or a refreshing Ice Coffee.

On Friday evenings, when time allows, Susie offers a takeaway menu featuring primarily vegetarian options. Choose from a variety of side dishes, some with meat or fish, and conclude your meal with a delectable dessert.

Breakfast is by reservation.

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