Inshore fishing - Vantore beach houses

Photo: Frederik Lorentzen
Angling waters

Vantore Strandhuse

4880 Nysted


Sea trout in spring and autumn, garfish peaks in late May. This is an excellent spot for garfish.

Sea trout and garfish.

Fishing area:
You can fish from the headland where there is deep water close to the shore.

Try the route further west after the creek and the bay. Here is a point where deep waters are found close to the shore. During spring and autumn, when fishing from a boat, you should also try fishing one the outer side of the Flint Horne Reef. There are many large stones and opportunity for large trout. Waders are an advantage.

Weather conditions:
Onshore winds often spoil fishing due to floating eelgrass on the water surface.


Vantore Strandhuse

4880 Nysted


Inshore fishing

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