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Kappel Post Mill

Welcome to Kappel Stump Mill on beautiful Lolland! Deeply rooted in Danish heritage, this charming stump mill is one of only 18 remaining mills in Denmark. The beautiful red mill is a gem for visitors who want to experience the idyllic rural atmosphere of south-west Lolland.

The distinctive red-painted mill with thatched roof is fitted with sails on the wings when the mill is being driven. The mill is turned upwind with the help of a windmill carriage (a winch) that is attached to poles around the mill. On a stump mill, the entire mill body is rotated around the stump.

There is plenty of space around the mill, and during the summer months, there are 5-6 tables where you can sit down with provisions.

There is a car park for cars at the mill and a bus park very close by.


During the summer period, the mill is open every Tuesday afternoon and people from the mill guild are present to tell you about the mill. If the weather permits, sails will be put on the wings and the mill will run.

The mill is usually locked during the winter months, but can be opened by appointment. Write to our email address.

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