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Kildevejens Fruit

Kildevejens Fruit is a charming farm shop with plenty of fruits and greens.

You'll find over 30 apple varieties. The apple harvest starts in mid-July and ends in the autumn. You will find various apple varieties such as Sunrise, Guldborg, Gråsten, and Belle de Boskoop. Red Pineapple, Forest Ranger, Cox Pomona, and Lodi are also varieties you can take home.

Kildevejens Fruit has 8 different pear varieties. The harvest starts in the late spring and ends in the autumn. Here you will find varieties such as Clara Friis, Concorde, Conference, Doyenne de Comice, Lord Pear, Luckas, and Grey Pear.

You will also find plums in the farm shop. Kildevejens Fruit has 14 different plum varieties. In July, the harvest of Hubertus, Opal, and Quillins begins. A bit later, varieties such as Kirkes, Althans, Victoria, and the Prunes are harvested.

At Kildevejens Fruit, you'll find blackcurrants, redcurrants, and blackberries.

The farm shop also offers a small selection of seasonal vegetables.

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