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Lolland Falster Airport

Centrally located on Lolland-Falster, near Rødbyhavn, lies Lolland Falster Airport. The airport is the only one of its kind between Roskilde and the north of Hamburg and is in close proximity to the motorway. The airport is the ideal starting point to explore all of Lolland-Falster, South Zealand and Møn. The airport staff will assist you with the rental and provision of rental vehicles, so that a vehicle is ready for you on your arrival at any time.

The airport is suitable for smaller propeller and jet planes, helicopters and business flights at home and abroad. It is also possible to safely park overnight in the parking area. In the summer months, the cafeteria "Fly In" operated by the restaurant "Marni" opens every Saturday and Sunday.

In our local clubs and clubs there is the possibility to participate in skydiving or to try gliding. More information on the following websites: Faldskærmsklubben.dk and Lolland Falster Svæveflyveklub.
Three times a year, an approved "street race" is held for everyone on the runway - read more here.
For further questions and information, please contact the airport directly.

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