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The Medieval Centre

The Medieval Centre - time travel made easy

Visit the beautiful town of Sundkøbing - a scenic town from the middle ages. It is full of craftsmen, towns people, merchants, soldiers, knights and ladies from the year 1407.
Experience a knights tournament with the knights in shiny armor and see the worlds largest trebuchets in action. Have a go at archery and enjoy a day full of fun and history. You have stepped 610 years back in time!

The Medieval Centre is a living history museum where you can go back in time and experience what it was like to live in the middle ages. You can see, feel, smell and taste the middle ages and suddenly you have become part of the middle ages yourself.

Taste the middle ages in the restaurant “The Golden Swan"
You can also taste the middle ages as we offer you a chance to eat in a proper medieval inn with authentic food and the true medieval atmosphere.