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The Old Printinghouse

Welcome to The Old Printing House, a working museum where visitors can experience the ways in which prints were produced in the past.

In the good old days, typographers and printers were an important part of publishing newspapers and books, as letters and images had to be manually set up and prepared for printing. At the museum you can see how it was done.

Det Gamle Trykkeri was established on 1 May 1997 by typographers from the daily newspaper NY DAG, as well as early retirees and pensioners. They still run the museum and can tell you in detail about how prints was prepared before the invention of the laser printer.

At the museum, visitors can see a working Linotype typesetter, an Eickhoff printing machine, a Heidelberg wing machine, hand typesetting, lead typesetting and there is also a section with older machines from the photosetting area, a darkroom with a camera and a small office offset.

Opening hours can be found on the website. Free admission.

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