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The restaurant Pomle Nakke

Between the sea and the sky, around 30 km from the Farø bridge, you will find Pomle Nakke. A traditional restaurant on the east coast of Falster, neighbouring the small port of Hesnæs. The place is perched on a cliff, and the roaring of the sea and the wind in the beeches are the only noises to be heard. Here, you can swim in the ocean and frolic in the forest, all at once.

There is room both inside and out for good coffee and cake, ice cream, a cold beer or a nice glass of wine. Both light and more wholesome dishes are served. The chef prefers to use what is available locally – everything that testifies to the well-stocked and lush pantry that Falster has always lived with and enjoyed.

The chef, Christopher Brink, works with a classic menu, but also likes to challenge the taste buds. This year, the eatery is open from early summer to late summer – seven days a week. Catering, takeaway and events are more than welcome – and we will be open for special holidays and celebrations throughout the year.

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