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Richard Winther's House

Richard Winther's house in Vindeby is not just a museum, it's a living work of art in itself. Step into a unique world of painting, sculpture and photography. This is where Richard Winther, one of Denmark's most important artists, once lived and worked.

Welcome to an exceptionally decorated house in Vindeby on Lolland!

Richard Winther, who bought this disused retirement home in 1993 and lived here until his death in 2007, left an unforgettable legacy of wall and ceiling decorations that now form the basis of our exhibitions.


In the 250 square metres of the house, you can experience more than 55 original paintings that cover the walls and ceilings, often based on ancient mythology. These paintings are not only part of Winther's personal history, but also an important part of Danish and European visual art from this period.


In addition to this summer's current themed exhibition with works by Richard Winther, you can also experience a wide range of other artists exhibiting in the many exhibition areas of the house.


The house has disabled access.

Visit the museum's website: https://www.rdo-huset.dk/


Always fresh coffee and tea on tap.

Welcome to an unusual art museum in Vindeby on Lolland!

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