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Strandgårdens Farm Shop

Explore the seasonal fruits and vegetables and flowers at Strandgården's Farm Shop.

At Strandgården's Farm Shop you will find Bøtø potatoes, strawberries, and peas, which are picked every morning - it doesn't get any fresher than this. You can also pick your own strawberries and peas. In addition, potatoes that are ready to use are offered. Products from other local producers on Lolland-Falster can also be found in the farm shop.

There is always a wide selection of fresh flowers and decorations, although the selection varies by season. Additionally, you can find handmade Danish chocolate, fine products from the local Falster Distillery and Brewery, Stovby Glassblowing, and Radbjerg Ceramics.

There is a small self-service booth in the parking area, which is always open.

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