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Tiny Guesthouse

Tiny Guesthouse is 2 exclusive and minimalist holiday apartments for an adult audience with their own kitchen and bathroom. The apartments were built in 2023 at our country house Hedvigslyst, at Vestenskov in western Lolland. There is free Wi-Fi and non-smoking facilities.

Simple lifestyle and slow living are the essence of Tiny Guesthouse. Each apartment is 18 m2 - and intended for 2 people, which means that we can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests on site at a time.
Here is peace and quiet and the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the shade or the starry sky from one of our nice terraces out in the orchard.
Min Købmand is 1.5 km from Tiny Guesthouse. In addition to groceries, Min Købmand has freshly baked breakfast bread every single day. There is plenty of opportunity to experience nature in the area both on land, by water, on foot and on wheels. The landscape on Lolland is flat and ideal for cars, bicycles and hikers.
The Lolland dyke winds from Nakskov to Rødbyhavn and Tiny Guesthouse is located a short 4 km from the dyke at Bogø Bay and 7 km from Nakskov via the road.


The area and location

Nature experiences and pleasant sights can be mentioned: Langøhavn with restaurant. The mail boat from Nakskov harbor sails via the fjord to Albuen, Enehøje and Slotø. Remember to reserve a seat.

The schooner Johanne organizes pleasant sailing trips, remember to book in advance.

Næsby beach - which is 4 km from Tiny Guesthouse - is a beautiful bathing beach facing the Baltic Sea and the Lolland dyke. Continue along the dyke to the east and you will come to the Vindeholme forest, which is perfect for a walk or bike ride.

Peter Hansen's garden is  Vestlolland's Botanical Garden.

Nakskov is a cozy port and trading town and definitely worth a visit. The indoor swimming pool offers an infrared hot water pool and a regular sauna.

Other major sights such as the Dodecalites and Knuthenborg Safaripark can be found within a distance of 25-30 km from Tiny Guesthouse.

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