Nykøbing Falster

The biggest town on Falster, Nykøbing Falster, is a delightfully charming town, nicely situated by the waters of Guldborgsund. The town has an extensive grid of pedestrian streets with shops and cafés. This is also where you find The Medieval CentreGuldborgsund Zoo and various museums. Offering a wide selection of accommodation and restaurants, Nykøbing Falster makes for a good base to explore the area.

The Medieval Centre

Photo: Middelaldercentret

Crocodile Zoo

Photo: Shutterstock

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Photo: PL-Photo

Museum Obscurum

Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

Guldborgsund Zoo

Photo: Guldborgsund Zoo


Photo: Restaurant Ö


Photo: Ny Kirstineberg

Vegvisir Race

Photo: Vegvisir Race

The Nykøbing F. Revue

Photo: Nykøbing Falster Revyen