Fejø, far og søn sidder på badebro


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Island hopping in

Go island hopping in the Smålandfarvandet and explore Askø, Lilleø, Fejø, Femø and Vejrø - small islands with a big heart and charming scenery. Enjoy gazing out over Smålandvarvandet and savouring the local produce. Slow down the pace with island life.

Fejø familie går i frugtplantage


If you’re longing for a peaceful island holiday, then Fejø is a great choice! Just a 15-minute boat ride from Kragenæs in North Lolland, this little gem offers wonderful scenery, idyllic villages and very welcoming locals. The island is known for its delicious fruit, sparkling cider and flavoursome wine.

Femø Strand Sletterspidsen


Femø is probably best known for its annual jazz festival, but this hilly island in the centre of Smålandsfarvandet has much more to offer: endless nature, beautiful views, old orchards, a cosy inn and marina, and a maze of paths and winding roads to name but a few. And last but not least - very hospitable and welcoming locals!

Vejrø Fyrtårn


Come and enjoy a unique experience. Vejrø is a unique, regenerative project that encourages you to slow down, be present and reconnect with yourself and those around you.

Apple Flower Festival Askø-Lilleø børn på traktor

Askø - Lilleø

Just a 25-minute sail from Bandholm lies Askø with its idyllic and welcoming little harbour front. A deep sense of calm descends on you the moment you step off the boat, and the island is the perfect relaxing setting for getting away from the stresses of daily life.

Kernegaarden æbler

Æbleøerne (Apple islands)

Island hopping on Æbleøerne takes you out to sea and into a world of gastro experiences. As their name suggests, Æbleøerne is the place to sample apples, local produce and gastro experiences ad infinitum.

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