Par cykler ved kyst

Bike Friends give you a helping hand on your cycling holiday

Photo: Niclas Jessen

If your chain comes off or your front tyre is flat, the Sydhavsøernes Bike Friends are on hand to help you get back on your cycling holiday as fast as possible.

As a cycling tourist, you are probably familiar with all the challenges that can crop up – but when cycling on Sydhavsøerne, you don't have to worry. En route, you’ll come across our Bike Friends, volunteers who will find the right gear and help you back on your way across the hills of Lolland or along the flat trails of Falster.

A Bike Friend is a local bike enthusiast – an individual, a place of accommodation, an attraction or a shop – who helps create a community for cycling tourism and provides assistance when problems arise. An unfortunate puncture or an empty water bottle can quickly be remedied by a local Bike Friend. During the day, Bike Friends are on hand with basic gear to make your cycling holiday a success.

A Bike Friend can, at a minimum:

  • Pump up your tyres
  • Lend you equipment to patch up a puncture
  • Fill your water bottle with water
  • Let you use a toilet or point one out nearby
  • Sell you a local cycling map or provide information about Naturlandet’s app, which has maps of suggested local cycle routes

Some Bike Friends can also offer:

  • Access to a larger selection of tools and bike mounts
  • Sell you new bicycle tubes in standard sizes
  • Let you charge your electric bike
  • Sell you energy-packed food and drinks for the journey ahead
  • Give you access to suitable rest areas
  • Provide access to a box to lock up your bicycle and luggage
  • Free internet

Sydhavsøerne Bike Friends are easy to find. Just look for the red Bike Friends logos on your route, or find them here.

Bike Friends Sydhavsøerne


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