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Albuen Beach

Close to a camp site and the peninsula Albuen. Safe bathing for families with children and possibility to walk along the narrow isthmus, Albuen. The beach is a sandy one and the best area on it can be found north of the car park. Toilets, car parking and benches are conveniently located. At the nearby Albuen Strand Camping centre there is a convenience store and tables with benches.  

Albuen is a narrow 7.5 km long hooked-shaped peninsula that separates the Langelands Strait from Nakskov Fjord. The peninsula is relatively low-lying, created from sand and stones that have been deposited here over several thousand years.  Tidal marshes and low banks, called tidal meadow banks bear testament to the geological formation of Albuen. 

The area is situated in a Natura 2000 protected zone with many birds and rare Natterjack toads.  Sea pinks, yellow bindweed and white yarrow bloom beautifully on Albuen. During the Middle Ages people came from all over Europe to the herring market on Albuen. The low banks and indentations in the earth still stand as testament to this.

On Albuen you will find fisherman’s cottages, a pilot’s house, a lighthouse, school and coastal observation post, which testify to the past century. You can walk along the narrow isthmus, which is 6 km to the lighthouse, or take the Mail Boat from Nakskov harbour.  The state owns the central part of Albuen, the rest is privately owned.  In state-owned zone, you will find tables, benches and grilling areas. There is a composting toilet at the lighthouse. There is no drinking water on Albuen.

The coastal observation outpost is well worth a visit. The outpost is open all year round, so you can enjoy a packed lunch in the dry weather while taking in the magnificent view.

The white Pilot’s house is state-owned and used by Naturvejledningen (the Danish Nature guides) on Nakskov Fjord as a combined museum and nature centre with the possibility for an overnight stay.  Show due consideration if there are people staying in the house.  There are no refuse bins on Albuen, so remember to take your refuse with you when leaving. Dogs should be kept on a leash from 1st of April to 30th September.  

There are excellent possibilities for catching sea trout or during May garfish from Albuen beach.  Remember to purchase a fishing licence online or in Nakskov Tourist Office. 

On the bicycle path ”The Baltic Sea Route” you can cycle along the dike all the way to Rødby harbour and on the bicycle path ”Nakskov Fjord Route” you can cycle all the way along the fjord into the centre of Nakskov. ”Nakskov Fjord days” the 4th to the 5th September: a wealth of exciting activities in and around Nakskov Fjord. www.nakskovfjord.dk  

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