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Corselitze Gods

Enjoy the beautiful Corselitze Estate, the nearby forests and the unique view of the Baltic Sea.

The beautiful estate is picturesquely located in beautiful surroundings. In the attached garden, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy unique moments on the beautiful white bridges that cross the lakes or in the lovely rose garden. In the estate's surrounding forests, there are plenty of opportunities to go hiking and visit Denmark's largest tree, Valdemar oak. Close to Corselitze is the Baltic Sea, where it is possible to swim, see the general's gazebo and just enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature that characterizes Falster. 

The history of the estate stretches all the way back to the Middle Ages, when Corselitze belonged to the crown. Over the years, the estate has belonged to the Falster family, Axel Brahe, and not least the Dowager Queen Sophie Corselitze received as a subsistence when she resided at Nykøbing Castle after King Frederik II's death. In the 1700s, J.F. Classen bought Corselitze, after Classen's death Corselitze passed to Det Classenske Fideicommis.

Not far from Corselitze is the lovely restaurant Pomle Nakke and the beautiful nature area around the harbour at Hesnæs. If you want to hunt for ancient monuments, the forest at Halskov vænge is filled with burial mounds and dolmens as well as Falster's largest stones.

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