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Ørnehøj is a long dolmen, and like other of our ancestors’ enormous burial mounds, it fascinates us with its large stones and story of early societies.

Ørnehøj long dolmen

Just north of Hesnæs is Corselitze Østerskov, a forest that is home to several burial mounds dating from the Neolithic Age (4000 BCE - 1700 BCE). One of the most notable is the Ørnehøj long dolmen with a burial chamber dated between 3950 BCE - 2801 BCE.

Ørnehøj long dolmen is 12 m wide and 30 m long. The centre standing stone is 2.75 m high, and on the outward-facing side it features a carved oval shield with the monogram F.C.C. and the year 1843 under a crown. The letters stand for Frederik Christian Cronprinds, commemorating the fact that Crown Prince Frederik VII was responsible for excavating the burial mound.

When you look at the long dolmen, you will notice that a lot of stones are missing from the stone construction. It is believed that over time they have been removed, crushed and used for paving or the like.

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Approx. 5 km further south you can explore a number of ancient monuments in Halskov Vænge.

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