The town that smiles, idyllically located at the head of Sakskøbing Fjord. Sakskøbing’s history dates back to 13th century, when the neighbouring village was just called Saxtorb. The town offers a cosy urban environment with many specialist shops, making the old market town appear modern in many respects. 

Sakskøbing Fjord

Sakskøbing Fjord is around 4 kilometres long and carves its way through the landscape past the fjord meadows, deciduous forests, fields and private villa gardens. Oreby Castle stands majestically at the inlet to the fjord together with Oreby Mill and the old inn Oreby Gl Kro.

Experience wildlife close up

See wild animals from Africa really close up at Knuthenborg Safari Park. Feel the warm hide of the cow or see and play with the goats, whose milk is used to make delicious cheese at Knuthenlund. Animals are funny really close up.

Local taste experiences

The soil on Lolland-Falster is very fertile and the crops that grow in it are deliciously flavoursome. There are numerous small and large producers, farmers and processors experimenting with tastes and flavours to create unforgettable taste experiences for your delight. 

Art and artists

Art abounds in all forms and to all tastes, both in nature, small galleries and in the urban landscape. See even more possibilities at