Stubbekøbing is idyllically situated on northern Falster. From here it is possible to the take the ferry Ida to Bogø Island. 

The bike ferry IDA - Bogø Stubbekøbing

The bike-ferry 'IDA'

More than a boat trip! Bring your bike or experience one of the many events...

Kirkehøj agrotourist Limousin cattle farm

Agrotourist farm and shop, where you can see prime beef cattle and an unusual breed of woolly pigs. Teach your children about the path of food from the earth to the table. 

Stubbekøbing – a city by the water

Stubbekøbing is situated close to the water and the ferry Ida transports many cycling tourists in particular to the other side of the Grønsund Sound. The ship is an experience in itself. 

Natural experiences abound in North Falster

The incredible ancient monuments, forests and beaches abound with experiences to bring you closer together.