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Pomle Nakke Traktørsted
Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin plantage

Be surprised…

Photo:Business Lolland-Falster&Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin
Naturpark Maribosøerne luftfoto

Unique nature experiences

Photo: Rune Johansen

Impressive art and culture

See the Dodecalith’s giant stone sculptures, Fuglsang Art Museum’s unique collection or prehistoric monuments in Halskov Vænge Lolland-Falster offers countless cultural experiences.

Don’t miss out!

Exciting attractions, fun activities, the good taste in the local produce and wonderful accommodations there is something here for both children and adults.

What can I experience?

Check out our catalogue, where you’ll find lots of inspiration for memorable experiences in the South Sea Islands.

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