Gedser Odde – Denmark’s most southerly point

Gedser Odde 

Gedser Odde is Scandinavia’s most southerly point, which is surrounded on all sides by the sea and affords a fantastic view over the rest of Europe.

The nature at Gedser Odde is truly exceptional. The exposed nature of the location becomes apparent and you really get a sense of the awesome forces of nature when the wind gusts up and the rolling waves of the Baltic sea come crashing into the coast. To the south it can be calm and still while a storm whips up 'just around the corner', where the sea is busy gorging away at the clay cliff. The rugged southerly point at Gedser Odde stands in stark contrast to the friendly, broad beach just a few hundred metres to the north. You can also be fortunate enough to experience one of those rare calm days when the eiders rock gently on the water, cormorants fly past, and a lone seal pokes its head above the water to cast a curious glance towards land.

Gedser Odde is also a historic location, as you can still see the remnants of the German occupation during World War II. On the eastern side of the point you can still see remains of the German military installations. They built the first radar, a concrete construction, beside which there were anti-aircraft guns mounted on their own foundations. Even though they were originally built up on the cliff, the rest of the installations now lie on the beach. The installations ended up on the beach because the sea slowly eroded that area of coastline.  Today, the buildings situated closest to the edge of the cliff are also in danger of tumbling down to the sea.

The old Marine station was used for monitoring the waters of the Baltic Sea and it was still in use up until the end of the cold war after the fall of the Berlin wall. The Marine station was used to observe every movement on the water, both peaceful and hostile.  This task is managed differently today, which means a large part of the marine station is now open to the public and it is currently under renovation. 

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Did you know

Gedser Odde has 25 kilometres of sandy beach around the point – clean air, clean nature.