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Less than 30 km away from the Farø bridges you find Pomle Nakke, an old tavern situated on the east coast of Falster and close to the small harbour of Hesnæs. Pomle Nakke is on the top of a cliff, and the only “noise” you have up here is the sound of the sea and the rustle of the beech trees. This is the place to practise both sea and forest bathing. “Pomle” comes from Low German Pummel and means “small round bread” or “horse droppings”; a metaphor for the many small pebbles moved about by the waves of the Baltic Sea. The small yellow-brick Gamekeeper’s House on top of the cliff was built in 1892 and the small outbuildings followed a few years later. Licence to sell alcoholic drinks was granted in 1909, which is when the current wooden pavilion was built. The place is under the wings of ”Det Classenske Fideicommis”, which is a charity foundation founded by Johan Frederik Classen in 1792, and which looks after the more than 1750 hectares (approx.. 4330 acres) of forest, the manors, and the tavern.

During summer the old tavern comes alive between the upright tree stems of the forest. You will find seating both inside and outside to enjoy a good cup of coffee and cake, a cold beer, or a refreshing glass of wine. The tavern serves light as well as more substantial meals, and the cooks use local produce, reflecting the great abundance of the Falster larder. The chef, Christoffer Brink, works with a classical menu, but also wishes to challenge your taste buds. Most of the food is based on local produce of the season.

This year Pomle Nakke is open from early summer until late summer, every day of the week. Take-away orders and celebrations in the tavern are more than welcome. Further, the tavern plans to be open on certain national holidays throughout the year.


Midtskovvejen 1

4871 Horbelev



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Main course: DKK 150 - 250

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