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Nysted byhuse

Nysted – a unique little gem

The small, picturesque market town surprises most people with its narrow, winding streets, idyllic houses and atmospheric harbour with a view of Aalholm Castle.

Out in nature

Here, you will find a rich bird, animal and plant life, which is best enjoyed on foot or by bike. Find the many biking routes and hiking trails in forests, along the coast and around the city in the Naturlandet app right here.

Local produce

The rich soil of the South Sea islands adds great flavour to the area's delicious produce. Find the locally produced food at our many farm shops, or get a taste at the eatery Krenkerup Traktørsted.

Dine and spend the night nearby

Take your time to discover the many sights found in the Nysted area and while you are here, why not stay a bit longer by spending the night at a local hotel or quaint guest house. The area also has a wealth of local restaurants where you can enjoy an unforgettable evening meal.

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