MULD Æbler

The Best Produce on Earth from Lolland-Falster

Fejø cider æbler og tønde

The taste of Lolland-Falster

The favourable climate and rich soil of Lolland-Falster is something you can taste when you take a bite of our locally grown foods. Seek out great tasting experiences by visiting some of our many farm shops and fruit plantations and judge for yourselves! We are quite certain that you will not be disappointed!

Vores lokale fødevarer

Photo: Muld
Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

Award-winning beer from Krenkerup

Photo: Krenkerup Bryggeri

World-famous cherry wine from Frederiksdal

Photo: Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin

World-class taste experiences

If you want the very finest, then follow our guide to find the top tasting experiences of Lolland-Falster. You may pay a visit to restaurant ”Den fuldkomne fisker” and experience ”the taste of Lolland” or to ”Restaurant Ö” whose love for nature is obvious. Do indulge in tasting the world-famous cherry wine from Frederiksdal Cherry Wine and the award-winning beer from Krenkerup Brewery.

The restaurants, pubs, and cafés of The South Sea Islands

Photo: Ingrid Riis