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MULD Æbler
Fejø cider æbler og tønde

The Best Produce on Earth
from Lolland-Falster

Photo:Ingrid Riis&Ingrid Riis

The taste of Lolland-Falster

Our favourable climate and fatty topsoil give a great taste in the local foods. Find your way to the good flavours in the Muld brochure here.

World-class taste experiences

If you want the very finest, then follow our guide to find the top tasting experiences of Lolland-Falster. You may pay a visit to restaurant ”Den fuldkomne fisker” and experience ”the taste of Lolland” or to ”Restaurant Ö” whose love for nature is obvious. Do indulge in tasting the world-famous cherry wine from Frederiksdal Cherry Wine and the award-winning beer from Krenkerup Brewery.

Par ser på vindruer

Breweries and wineries

Pige spiser æbler

Fruit plantations

Familie ved gårdbutik på Fejø

Farm shops

Familie spiser ude

Family-friendly restaurants

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