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South Sea Islands
on foot

Explore the South Sea Islands on foot. Experience magnificent nature, beautiful coastlines, the Lolland Alps – and cultural gems with hiking boots on. Lolland-Falster offers many beautiful trails for both the seasoned hiker and for those who want a few hours in the great outdoors. Take the family along – or go alone and enjoy the peace under the open sky.

Naturpark Maribosøerne luftfoto

Maribo lakes nature park

Embark on a hike in the Maribo Lakes Nature Park with the opportunity to spot sea eagles and witness internationally significant birdlife. You can also enjoy views of Engestofte Manor and Søholt Manor. Here, you'll find a blend of cultural history, exceptional nature, and a grand manor landscape

Naturpark Nakskov Fjord Hestehoved ved solnedgang

Nakskov Fjord Nature Park

A beautiful and fascinating natural area where you can experience Denmark's most island-rich fjord. In Nature Park Nakskov Fjord, you'll encounter exceptional views, abundant wildlife, cultural history, unique beaches, and Denmark's second-longest bathing bridge.

Bøtø Naturområde

Bøtø – Nature Area

Experience wild horses, grazing cattle, and a unique bird and insect life! Get up close with wild Konik horses and Scottish Highland cattle. Keep an eye out for the sea eagle breeding in the area, and look for the rare butterflies, the Black Firebird, and the Broad-bordered White.

Saksfjed Hyllekrog

Saksfjed-Hyllekrog – Nature Area

The nature reserve Saksfjed-Hyllekrog encompasses both forest, beach meadows, dunes, and open coast. During your tour in this protected area, you can encounter free-roaming cattle, wild horses, seals, and a diversity of birds.



Hike through Hamborgskoven in East Lolland, where you'll find a 5 km trail. During your journey, enjoy views of Guldborg Sund and explore ancient dolmens. At the beginning of the route lies the Medieval Center.

Naturlandet app

Naturlandet app

Download the Naturlandet Lolland-Falster app for inspiration on trips and experiences in nature. You can cycle, hike, ride, or paddle using the app's routes and receive exciting suggestions for activities along the way.


The Santiago Route

Put on your hiking boots and embark on the international hiking route, which stretches between Stubbekøbing and Rødbyhavn on Lolland-Falster, passing through many beautiful areas.

Den danske klosterrute

The Monastery Route

Embark on an exciting cultural journey through the Danish landscape! Experience beautiful nature, stunning architecture, and fascinating history along the way.

Albuen Strand

Albuen Beach

Venture out to the headland Albuen, Lolland's westernmost point. Enjoy the views of the sea on both sides and be captivated by both the serene fjord and the roaring ocean.

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