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Naturpark Maribosøerne

Maribo Lakes Nature Park

Welcome to Denmark’s most island-dotted lakes, offering dramatic views, unique birdlife, exciting cultural history, magnificent nature experiences and beautiful manorial landscapes.

In the presence of history

The Maribo Lakes and surrounding area offer a multitude of cultural and historical experiences related to Maribo Cathedral, royal daughter Leonora Christina, the poet-pastor Kaj Munk’s birthplace, and beautiful mansions and parks.

Dine and spend the night nearby

Take time to experience the many sights at and around the Maribo Lakes, and extend your outing with a good meal and an overnight stay.

Spring is coming!

As spring arrives, we will be opening up even more exciting attractions in the Maribo Lakes area. Experience the lakes from the water, travel back in time to the 19th century or enjoy a visit to the Miniature Town – there’s something for everyone.

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